Creative Direction

We are a design studio specialized in high-end finishing, premium and luxury brands. Aiming at bringing your brand identity to life and making the most out of a holistic brand experience.
We stand for powerful art and consistent communication. We offer strong and integrated visual concepts, high-end design and stimulating visual storytelling.
We produce creative results worldwide. Thanks to our carefully selected but yet big network of highly talented people. A reliable team of 27 professionals coming from all over the globe, but all with great taste.
Charles BlunierFounder & Creative Direction

Our founder, Charles Blunier, made a name for himself as one of Switzerland’s finest Art & Creative Directors, working for 15 years at top design and ad agencies, before launching Charles Blunier & Co. in 2011. During his career, he has been honored with more than 120 awards in New York, London and Paris for his work.

Yves KellenbergerDesign & Photo Direction
Silvio DemuthSenior Design Director
Roman LimacherMedia Operation
Romy StrasserArt & Design Director
Simon TellenbachManaging Director
Natalie SidlerStudio Manager & Finance
Barbara KallenbergPR & Communication
LENA STAEHELIContributing Editor
Ricardo FerrolArt Direction
Miriam-Leah HessAdvertising Director
Marc HuerlimannBrand Experience