Creative Direction

Bauern Schänke

Brand design

Imagine, a friend spoils you with a voucher – surprisingly on a glass coaster – of the Bauernschänke, the newly re-opened but long-established restaurant in the heart of Zurich the whole town is talking about. While your finger strokes the embossed logo on the satin smooth paper, you look up the restaurant on the brand-new website: mouth-watering!

Stepping into the cosy tavern, you immediately recognize the glass coasters and reach for the wine. You indulge yourself in those divine dishes featured in the lovingly designed menu cards … Outside again, with very satisfied feeling, your eyes look for the branded pack of matches and you light your cigarette with pleasure.

A perfect evening, an all-round experience, is what we aimed for when designing the brand “Bauernschänke”. A brand experience, beginning with the delightful amuse bouche right up to the pleasant nightcap.

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